Schedule of Charges

Schedule of charges for Provision of Information under Freedom of Information Act 2000.


There will be no charge for processing requests under the Freedom of Information Act, providing that the cost of processing does not exceed the statutory limit of £450. This allows for 18 hours of time at a rate of £25 per hour. When estimating how long it will take to process a request we take into account the time it will take us to locate, retrieve and extract the information requested.


We reserve the right to refuse a request where the estimated cost of processing exceeds £450. Where we agree to process a request which exceeds the statutory limit of £450, you will be asked to pay processing costs at a rate of £25 per hour.




Any disbursements associated with processing your requests are payable in all cases. Examples of disbursements include the costs of postage, reproducing the information and printing.

Item Cost
A4 black & white copying or printing 15p per sheet
A4 colour copying or printing 25p per sheet
A3 black & white copying or printing 25p per sheet
A3 colour copying or printing 50p per sheet
Larger sizes Priced at cost as this cannot   be done ‘in house’.
Providing data on CD £2
Providing data on DVD £4
Photographs Priced at actual cost per print
Email Free
Postage Actual cost of 2nd   class postage.

Repeated Requests


For the purpose of calculating the statutory limit, where we receive two or more requests, within 60 days of each other, from an individual or group of individuals who appear to us to be acting together or in pursuance of a campaign, we may be entitled to aggregate the costs of processing those requests.

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