Playing Field and Other Services


Playing Field

West Hendred Parish Council maintains the Playing Field adjacent to the Village Hall.


The playing field contains exciting play equipment for children aged from toddlers to 12 years old. There’s also a football area, seats and picnic tables.

Please note that dogs are not permitted in the playing field.


Village Seating

As well as the seats in the playing field the council maintains seats by the Village Notice board on the corner of The Greenway and Mill Lane, and just outside the Playing Field adjacent to the Old Ford.


Other Amenities

Litter bins around the village are maintained by the Parish Council, although they are emptied by the District Council’s waste services team.


The Parish Council owns and maintains the village notice board at the corner of The Greenway and Mill Lane. If you have an item you’d like to post on the village notice board please send it to the clerk.


The Parish Council also owns and maintains the Bus Shelter opposite The Hare pub.


Parish Clerk
The Greenway
West Hendred
OX12 8RG
Tel: 01235 833466




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